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Thread: Longest Winter Day Hike

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    Longest Winter Day Hike

    What has been your longest day hike during the winter. It can be longest in terms of miles or hours.

    Mine is the time 4 of us did MacComb, South Dix, Hough(Adirondacks) in the winter. We drove only as far as Johnson's clearing on the Elk Lake road and walked the rest of the way. These peaks (for those who don't know) are a bushwhack, and we came down off of Hough in the Dark, breaking our own trail.
    We started at 6AM and finished at midnight. Not a record setter, I'am sure, but it was hard and I'am proud of our accomplishment.
    The other three know who they are- thanks for the memories!

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    I guess my 26 hour Bonds epic (started at 6 AM, ended at 8 AM next morning) is the longest (both time and mileage) I have ever done. Not sure it qualifies as a "day hike", but that was certainly the plan

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    zealand hut to bond and west bond, then back to zealand hut and out to 302.

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    Allen in Winter in March of 1997. It took 17 hours on a pair of snowshoes, breaking 1-3 FEET of snow for the trip to the top, with a group of 6. We encountered walls of snow that had to be pulled down with your hands in order to get up, high on the ridge.

    The Sewards in the winter of 1994 taking 16 hours, again the whole trip on a pair of snowshoes, breaking over 2 FEET of snow and only getting Donaldson and Emmons, another 16 hours just for Seymour, and 15 hours for Donaldson and Seward in the same Winter ! Taking the whole month of March just for the Seward Range. Whew! But proudness be bound ! It earned us our Winter Rocker !! The first winter round.

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