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Thread: tongue Mt hike

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    tongue Mt hike

    I was hoping to bring my GF on a short hike tomorrow. Someplace we could hike for an hour or 2 and get to a lean-to to make some lunch. I thought about Tongue Mt. Range.

    I have never been up there sad to say. Is there a lean-to a mile or two from any of the parking areas along Rt. 9? If so, which parking area and which lean-to.

    I thought for sure i could find this infor by doing a search of the Q&A, but did not.

    Thanks in advance.

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    To get to the LT up on the ridge is a pretty stiff climb, not sure what kind of shape your GF is in, but take that into account. The LT at Fifth Peak is awesome though. The trail to the tongue along the bayside is usually pretty, though not much will be in bloom now. No LTs there, but there should be plenty of spots for stopping. The Shelving rock area may be an idea. Sleeping Beauty is a possibility, or Shelving Rock Mt. would be a very doable hike I would think. Just to hike along the shore down by the lake is really nice. Reports are that the area is very dry now, though rain is in the forecast.

    Actually, now that i think about it (I was thinking of the Clay Meadow trailhead... the southern TH) the short run to Deer Leap might be a nice place to go for lunch. Lots of open rock on the little summit. Pretty good views.
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