Trail Conditions:
Trail was unbroken, with a significant layer of fresh snow. I slight trench could be made out for most of the way, although we did do a small amount of bush whacking. Trailbreaking was exhausting, especially when we got to the base of Allen! The easiest section of the ascent was the slide, because the sun had softened the snow so that snowshoes could get a good purchase.

Special Equipment needed:
Snowshoes all day. I question whether skis would have made it any quicker, with bridge crossings, stream beds that you are weaving through rocks etc. An ice axe might have helped on the steep section just after the slide- it was difficult to get foot/hand holds in the steep powder. We did a lot of sliding backwards.

A long, long day. Allen definitely lived up to its reputation. We were on the trail ~6:20AM, back out to the car at 10:30PM with 3 hikers to break trail. Beautiful weather conditions though, clear skies and sunny at the top.