3-25-08 - Headed up Dicey's Mill Trail at 9:45am, temp 25F over well consolidated snow. Barebooted up past junction with Rollins Trail, then put on my MSR's for traction on the steeper sections up to the summit. Water crossings/snow bridges still in good shape, with an obvious work-around at the Mill. From 1/2 mile before Rollins to the summit there are a few blowdowns to limbo and may branches in the face, as the snow is still 4-5' deep. I kept my snow shoes on for the descent, as the snow began to soften (also since I had carried them up, it was only fair they carry me down). All in all, a magnificent day in the Whites, with views seemingly forever.

Equipment: Snowshoes required for softening conditions. Poles useful for whacking branches.

2950' 9.2 miles 5:20 incl. a glorious 30 min. on the summit. Temp. on return: 35F.

Note: Special care needed driving on Rt. 113a approach from either direction due to massive frost heaves!