Date of Hike: 3/27/2008

Trail Conditions: The trail was solid hardpack all the way to tree-line on Falling Waters and very easy to follow. Some areas near the falls were slick and narrow, but passable with bareboot. Post-holing would occur when stepping too far left or right off trail. Traction would have been nice. Above treeline was a mix of SOLID ice with small areas of collected windblown. The Ridge was hard and icy. The snow was softer coming down OBP, with steeper sections slick.

Special Equipment Required: I barebooted up to tree line, and then used crampons to cross the ridge. I would not cross without crampons, as the ice was THICK and SOLID. Snowshoes were not essential but couldn't hurt, as traction was a little sketchy onthe way down.

Comments: Overall a great day on the mountain. Crystal clear skies in the morning with clouds rolling in after noon. Temps were fair, and the wind was relatively calm with exception of the ridge. No complaints!!! I saw teo other groups on the ridge. View of the Presidentials were impressive.

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