Start from Lincoln Woods, finish on route 302. Via the Lincoln Woods,
Wilderness, Bondcliffs, Twinway, & Zealand trails, and Zealand Road.

Conditions were pretty ideal for an early April hike. Temps mild, with
light cooling breeze. Streams running low, with some snow bridges still
intact. Snow was deep, but well consolidated, for easy snowshoeing.
Spectacular 40-70 mile visability all day!!

Very little ice, to speak of, on this day. Full size snowshoes were about
all that we needed.

We summited Zealand Ridge at 3:23 PM.

This completed the "GRID" for Jim Towle. This is the "48" NH four
thousand footers in "every calendar month" ( 12 x 48 ).

Jim received his "Grid Patch" on the summit. We also had a small
celebration, light beverages, etc. Jim is the "eighth" person to
accomplish this feat.

Congratulatilons to Jim Towle!!!!!!!

We were a group of eight on this day, Jim Towle, Ed Hawkins, Eric
Rathbun, Guy Jubinville, Al Aldrich, Steve Moore, Mtn Drew, & MEB.

Ed Hawkins