Start from 7-Dwarfs. Finish Beaver Brook rest area parking lot.

Via N. Twin, N. Twin Spur, Twinway, Frost, Garfield Ridge, & Gale River
trails. Plus cross country ski trails.

All streams stayed low, and were easily crossed. Snow pack stayed firm
and solid for easy snowshoeing. Crampons were carried, but not used.

A spectacular day. Mostly blue sky and almost cloudless, with 80+
visability. Temps stayed in the 30's topside, but felt warmer. Very
light cooling breeze.

A light dusting to about 2" of new snow on the trails. My tracks were
the only ones on the trails today. Always special!!!

The Twins in April, may be my favorite White Mountain hike ( along with
the Bonds in April ). Always spectacular!!!!

I summitted Galehead at 1:34 PM. This completed my "48th" loop of the
New Hampshire 48 four thousand footers. "48 X 48".

Note: This is "48" "official" four thousand footers, 48 times.

By the original "Underhill" rules, an "official" peak is a peak
that is counted "once" on a hike, from "beginning" trailhead
to "finish" trailhead. Even though it may be passed over
more than once in the course of the hike, it should be
counted, "only once".

I make this note, only because I have heard there has
been some discussion on the definition of an "official"

My thanks to all who join me on so many of my hikes.

Ed Hawkins