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Thread: WMNF shelters proposed for removal, repair, relocation

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    WMNF shelters proposed for removal, repair, relocation

    WMNF has published its "Recreational Facilities Analysis" and its proposed five-year plan of action. The report covers trailheads, campgrounds, tenting areas, parking lots, toilets, even picnic tables--and shelters. (But not trails per se.) Shelters in wilderness areas are now facing the gun. In some cases, they were left in place until they needed major repair or renovation. In other cases, they're still in decent shape (e.g., Spruce Brook) but apparently offend the wilderness ethic. The Wild River shelters--Blue Brook, Perkins Notch, and Spruce Brook-- are all proposed for removal, although they are still undergoing review in a separate decision. Mt. Langdon and Resolution are also recommended for removal. Resolution (and Langdon?) were grandfathered until they needed major renovations and repair. Rocky Branch #2 and Dry River #3 are on the block as well provided additional funding can be found.

    Although not in a wilderness area, the Coppermine shelter (Bridal Veil Falls) is recommended for removal because of low usage (even though I use it every single time I go to BVF and the fire pit always shows evidence of high use). On the other hand, both Mountain Pond and Province Pond shelters are proposed for major reconstruction and/or relocation. Relatively few hikers ever get to these shelters or use them for overnight stays; the former is a mile from the forest road trailhead, although that was originally not the case. They are part of an older, longer and now defunct trail system from Chatham to Jackson. Now they're used for fishing. And so forth.

    I hate to see Coppermine go. It's been a favorite for many years. And there's been a shelter of some sort or other, however rudimentary, on the Resolution site for probably 150 years, maybe longer. It makes me wonder if we are attempting to recreate an artificial "wilderness," but that is not a question under discussion in this analysis and plan.

    Comments are due May 16, 2008.

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    Q - If they remove a shelter, like Coppermine...

    does that mean no tent camping is allowed there any longer? I mean are they contemplating removal of shelters or whole campsites? BTW, IMHO the tent site across the brook is a way better spot than the Coppermine shelter, but I understand the shelter is convenient for day hikers...
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    Interesting to see that they're decommissioning the White Ledge Campground.

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    Waumbek, thanks for posting this, good nighttime reading.

    I know this will irritate some, but I'd be happy to see the Mountain Pond shelter removed. It is not at all for hikers passing through on a long hike, not that this a requirement for justifying a shelter. But it definately attracts grunts who squat, sometimes for a week or two. The trash that I find there tells the tale. Last summer I was treated to fireworks on my hike around the pond. The fireworks were shot over the water, and the remains left floating. When I hiked by the shelter, the occupants just stared at me as if I was trespassing. It was creepy.

    I'm not advocating for removal, but I'd be happy to see it go.

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    Ooooh, looks like they may expand the 19 Mile Brook trail Lot....finally!

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