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Thread: The Wave, Arizona

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    The Wave, Arizona

    Since I was denied Mt. Whitney permits earlier this year, I was quite thrilled to find out today that I FINALLY scored two lottery permits to visit "The Wave" (aka Coyote Buttes North) in Arizona in early August!

    I've applied for this thing several times over the last few years with NO luck. Only 10 permits are issued online per day (plus another 10 walk-ins that are supposedly very difficult to obtain). Up to 300 people per day apply for these 20 daily spots.

    Has anybody been? This place looks absolutely stunning.

    Pics for any of you who have not heard of this amazing natural feature:

    Can't wait!!! (and couldn't help sharing )

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    Nice! Guess I know what you are going to be doing in early August.

    Amazing that there is that kind of demand for such a limited number. Lucky Lotto for you.

    No doubt you will get a significant amount of info from the site. That, too, always amazes me.
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    Paria Vermillion cliffs

    It should definitely be fun. My wife and I were in the Paria-Vermillion Cliffs Wiilderness in 2006. We hiked the Buckskin Gulch, which was alot of fun. When we completed the hike around lunch on the following day, we stopped by the ranger station to look at trinkets. The ranger told us if we showed back up the following morning we would get a permit for the wave, but they had just given out the remaining walk ups for the day. We couldn't stick around another day, but I wished we could have. The area looks amazing, and I am told there are alot of neat formations in Coyote Butte in addition to The Wave. Have fun.

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