Date of Hike: 10May08

Trail Conditions: Snow becomes consistent above 2800’. Below that it is a PITA especially on the Shoal Pond Trail which is a horror show right now. Took me 3 hours to go 4 miles on that trail do to rotten snow, 1/2 snow covered bog bridges, blowdowns, lots of water running down the trail, and some deep water crossings (had to wade thru 3 of them). I would avoid this trail over the next month unless your into suffering… All the other trails I was on were in good shape.

Special Equipment Required: I wore snowshoes from 3300’ on the Bondcliff/Twinway Trails all the way to Zealand Notch (took them off only on the exposed summits). On the Shoal Pond Trail, I put my snowshoes on and off about 25 times. Tough conditions..

Comments: Beautiful day! Doesn’t matter that the Shoal Pond Trail took 3 months off my life, it was great to be out on such a gorgeous day! Saw hardly no one, and had Bondcliff, Bond, W. Bond, and Guyot summits all to myself (and most of the rest of the day).