Date of hike: 5/26/08

Trail Conditions: due to lots of rain during the hike, mud, wet leaves, but otherwise mostly clear of debris. 4 blowdowns, but after breaking some branches off, they were easily passable.

Special Equipment Required: None. Wish I'd brought rain gear though, as we got completely soaked. Bugs weren't that bad at Roaring Brook, but were AWFUL at Togue Pond, so beware - bring bug dope!

Comments: I suspect that it's possible that my companion and I were the first two people up South Turner this season. Roaring Brook had only been open for a day, and we were definitely the only ones there yesterday. Our car was literally the only one in the parking lot, which looked super weird. The ranger greeted us when we got back and wanted to know what kind of shape the trail was in, which futher leads me to believe that we were the first ones up there.

Katahdin is still very snowed in. The ranger told us it was waist deep in the basins still, and Chimney Pond is a long ways away from being open. Hunt and Abol are now open, but with warnings to beware of snow.

Chris Sprague
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