Started from the Garden, the trail to the Bushnell Falls split was uneventful, muddy in some places as expected. Beyond Bushnell Falls was the first snow, but the most difficult snow conditions were beyond Slant Rock, many spots of very unstable snow bridges and lots of dropping through, the snow was not solid along the entire trail, just bits here and there. It started to drizzle, then increased to a steady rain, it rained on and off all day. Winds were quite strong above treeline, didnít stay long on the top of Marcy, temps hovered around 50 all day which kept things comfortable despite the wind and rain. Ran into more unstable, unconsolidated snow before Little Haystack. Lots of water on the trail. Continued to run into some unconsolidated snow, but it ended before Basin and there was no more along route today. Saddleback, Gothics, Armstrong, UWJ, LWJ - trails were wet and muddy all along, but as expected this time of year, not anything too bad, a few deep pools here and there. The boardwalk through the swamp just before Marcy, was way under water, as you step on the boards they went down underwater (Iíd guess 6Ē). Snow was only an issue near Marcy, Haystack and Basin, all else was clear of snow. Views were okay from the top, the blowing clouds and fog (and sometimes rain) hiding some of the mountains. A great day in the range!