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Thread: Eisenhower via Edmands 06/07/08

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    Eisenhower via Edmands 06/07/08

    The lower section (roughly the first third) has about seventeen blowdowns. There are herd paths around at least three. Above 3000' the trail is clear all the way to the top. There is no snow at all on the trail. The trail is a bit bony in places (it's in the Whites after all) but it is never really steep. There were no bugs when we left--fairly early, and very few when we returned--fairly hot. The lower stream crossings are bridged, the upper crossings were easily done.

    No special equipment needed today except water as this was our first warm to hot hike this year. Even on the summit no jacket was necessary despite the fairly strong wind.

    We reached the top between 10:30 and 11:00 AM when the front went through. I was convinced it was going to storm so we dropped back down into the woods and went back to the car. As we went down it cleared up, but it was getting quite warm and I think it was good to get back when we did.

    We met up with Rols on the way up and hiked with him the rest of the way. It was very interesting as he is a veritable encyclopedia of hiking and the trails in the Whites.
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