Trail Conditions:
Little East Pond Trail is in good shape all the way to the pond. Log bridges are getting old but are still sturdy. Stream crossing low. The Bushwhack from Little East Pond up to Scar Ridge is brutal. The spruce and the blowdowns makes it nearly impassible. No heard path to speak of except at summit and even then very difficult to follow.

Special equipment required:
Lots of water. A second hiker. Solo hiking this bushwhack not recommended. Real easy to break a leg or something.

Every now and then you get a big ego and think your an expert hiker and then a mountain like this comes along and cuts you down a few pegs. The black flies had a huge summer barbeque, I think they invited their cousins down from Maine and Canada to join in. Impervious to DEET or Picaridan.

- C. Thomas