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Thread: Darren's father passed away

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    I am very sorry for your loss. May your family stay strong through these difficult times. Better days are ahead, and memories of your father will abound.


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    I'd like to thank all 100+ of you for posting such kind words. During these emotional times, this thread has had a large impact on me and my family. My mother was very touched to read what all of you said and it really moved her. I'm sorry that I haven't been able to reply to each of you or to this thread to show just how much I appreciate the support of everyone here. The past week has been very tough on all of us.

    On a good note, while the funeral was emotionally hard on us it was a very fitting tribute to my father. The fire department had an honor guard posted at his casket in the funeral home. They would rotate and salute every 15 minutes. They also had Rescue 1 (a new fancy version, not his old truck) parked in front of the funeral home with the lights on. The procession left the funeral home and drove past his old station on the way to the church. All of the fire engines where in front of the station with the lights on and all of the fire fighters were lined up on the sidewalk and saluted the hearse as it drove by. The Navy had an honor guard at the cemetary and they folded the flag from his coffin and presented it to my mother. Taps sounded beautiful, but it ws hard to take.

    As a kid my father always seemed larger than life. He was the super hero that would come home from work and you could smell the smoke on him from the door. I got good at telling the difference between the smoke from different kinds of fires; house, brush, dumpster, car. He was the captain of the search and rescue squad. They drove a small truck so they could get to the fire first. Unlike other engines that only responded to fires in their district, Rescue 1 responded to all the fires in the city. They drove the small truck, got there first, went in with no hoses or water, did search and rescue, and relied on the other fire fighters to get there after them and help get them out. When he would come home and I could smell smoke from a house fire I would always run up and ask if he saved anyone. Countless times he had. Pulling out adults and finding scared kids hiding under beds or in closets. He was the real deal, a real life action hero. Going in when everyone else was running out. I often wonder what happened to the people whos lives he saved. What did all those little kids become? Doctors? Teachers? Did they join the military and serve their country? How many lives did they end up touching? I'll never know, but I often think of the cards my father would get, hand written in crayon saying "Dear Captain Almeida, thank you for saving my life". It is hard not to get choked up.

    My father was a veteran, a fire fighter, a national level award winning wood carver, and a pulic servant, but he was a father and a husband first. He always sacrificed for the good of the family.

    My father has passed, but memories of him will live on. It is nice that many of you took the time to read his obituary and watch the picture slide show. You did not know him, but you got to see a small slice of what he was about.

    We often joke that this site is my "baby". I guess that makes the site and the community here my father's grandchild. Thank you again for all of your support. My father would be impressed by what we have here.

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    Sorry to hear of your loss.
    I'm currently dealing with my own dad going into a nursing home,and unable to recognize family and friends. A loss of a different sort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darren
    I'll never know, but I often think of the cards my father would get, hand written in crayon saying "Dear Captain Almeida, thank you for saving my life". It is hard not to get choked up.
    I'll be the first to admit *I* got choked up reading this. I remember being very impressed by the brotherhood of firemen in the wake of 9/11. Thank you for sharing all the details of the funeral with us.

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    Darren, soory to hear about your dad. Being in Law Enforcement and having a dad in the fire dept it is an amazing thing to see how everyone comes together during hard times like this.

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    Great stuff you had to say about your dad and fine photo tribute. Best to you both and your family. Sorry I was away and busy and didn't get to this until now. We're here for ya...
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    Sorry to be late, but our condolences as well...
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    I'm sorry for your loss. I lost my dad 5 years ago at age 60, and it is a loss that is felt very deep inside, at the core.

    The memories you'll have last a lifetime.

    Peace to you and your family.

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    My deepest sympathies to you on your loss. Your and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
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