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Thread: 7/17 Carr via 3-Ponds - Carr Mt Trail

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    7/17 Carr via 3-Ponds - Carr Mt Trail

    Got an early start for this after a great night at Hancock. I think the swimming hole there is my all time favorite.
    This is one of those peaks that is easy to under estimate at just over 3500'. Roughly 3.5 miles total, but 3 of it is steady up with short steeps here and there. All and all this is a great area. There is a nice sign at the trailhead with good information and a colorful map of the surrounding trails in and around the ponds with nice trail descriptions. Good break from the crowds, but still in the WMNF.
    The Carr Mt. trail breaks from 3-Ponds 1/2 mile in and is not heavily used. It is grown-in in places and blazes are all but gone. I had no problem following it, but I can see it being difficult in the fall when the leaves fall. Lots of old logging near the bottom could be confusing. Again the occasional blowdown but nothing horrible. Good views from the top of the concrete piers that once supported the fire tower, although the haze did limit them.
    If your in the Warren / Campton area I highly recommend this hike.

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    Nice. I've literally been wanting to hike this for years. I went to Plymouth State and that isn't far away from the trail head. Next time you're up there, try to Three Ponds loop. Its very picturesque and there is always a lot of moose sign. So maybe if you're lucky, you'll see one.


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