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    Recommended Reading?

    I just finished rereading The Last Season by Eric Blehm. It's an excellent book about a backcountry Ranger who went missing while on patrol in King's Canyon National Park. I enjoyed it very much(again), however I can't really relate to the High Sierra's. I'm looking for some books in a similar vein, but set in the northeast. From what I understand, lots of people have vanished in the White Mountains never to be seen alive again. Are there any books out there that tell their stories? I'm also interested in legends, tall tales, and folklore regarding the mountains in New England and the people who live there. Hiking lore is a fascinating topic to me, but I don't recall coming across any books that are focused on the northeast mountains. I'm hoping the VFTT community can recommend some titles for me to check out. Thanks in advance!

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    Two come to mind "History of the White Mountains" by Lucy Crawford and "Tales told in the shadows of the White Mountains" (can't remember authors name off hand) is another.

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    Not Without Peril is mostly about misadventure in the Pressies.

    At the Mercy of the Mountains is another, but about the ADKs.
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    Not Without Peril is a good read.
    Lost on a Mountain in Maine is a short read about a Katahdin misadventure.
    A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson is about his AT adventure.
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    "The White Mountain Reader," edited by Mike Dickerman and published by Bondcliff Books. Excellent intro to the history of the area, with sections on "The Scenic Mountains, "Historical Perspectives," "Incidents in White Mountain History," "The Golden Years of Tourism," "Logging the Forests," and "Mountain Explorations."
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    Great suggestions! I've heard of a couple of those titles and I will look for all of them. Funny you should mention A Walk In The Woods, I just plucked that off the shelf and was rereading the parts where Bryson hikes in New England. Keep the suggestions coming. I'm between jobs right now and I have lots of spare time for reading.

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    If you want to read the life of Ethan and Lucy Crawford in dialog form, check out "Crawford's Horn Winding."

    "Not Without Peril" has one chapter devoted to the vanishing of John Keenan in 1912. A '40s Appalachia did a chronicle of deaths on the Rockpile, of which included the numerous vanishings of people.

    John Hubbard Spaulding wrote a book called Relics of the White Mountains which includes myths and folklore of the area.

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