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Thread: Recommended Reading?

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    Joe Dodge

    I recommend Joe Dodge "One New Hampshire Institution" by Bill Putnam as a must read for fans of the White Mountains.

    Here is a Lou Dawson review: Joe Dodge

    Phil L.

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    I picked up a book from Lake Placid bookstore called "Merle's door, lessons from a free thinking dog"

    I am a sucker for a good dog book. Add hiking to it and I'll buy it.
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    From the Adirondacks...

    Christine Jerome's "Adirondack Passage" is about the canoe travels of Nessmuk (in the 1800s) and Jerome in the 1990s--very interesting and well written combination of history and contemporary outdoor writing.

    "My Life with Noah" is about the Adirondack hermit, Noah John Rondeau who lived for years in the Cold River area.

    Pat T

    ps Don't we usually have these threads when the weather is not conducive to hiking? March? April? November? rainy August?????

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