Date of Hike: August 6, 2008

Trail Conditions: The overall trail was in good condition all the way to the summit. It's well maintained, free of blowdowns, and fairly wide. The usual wet areas were extra wet due to all of the rain in the area. The few water crossings were extra active.

Special Equipment Required: None, though a good pair of watertight boots helped.

Comments: Most of the roads in the area have large puddles, washouts, and brooks flowing over them due to the excessive rain, though they were still accessible with some care. All streams and rivers are running high and hard. Many of the Allagash Lake campsites were completely or partially underwater. The old warden access road up to the gate had at least and inch of active runoff flowing down the hill on it. The carry trail was very muddy.

After the wet areas, the trail is fairy steep for a short period and then rises to the summit where we had excellent views of Allagash Lake and the surrounding hills and water. The fire tower had maintenance last November and this Spring and is in great shape. It's safe to climb now for even better 360 degree views.

Your name: Bill Cobb

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