Well, I guess I have to blame getting older and poor memory for this one! I'm sure it's an easy answer for some of you, but I keep expecting to run into this swimming hole in my travels or see it in a book, but so far no luck!

Way back, when I was a kid at Camp Mowglis in East Hebron NH, we took a multi-day canoe trip. On one of those days, we spent the night camped on the side of a hill in an open forest. Down at the bottom of the hill, across a highway or road, and down the embankment was a slow-moving river. There were places to slide down the rocks, and a huge pool beneath a waterfall with steep ledges 20-or so feet high on both sides. We met up with a girl's camp and I remember us all jumping off both sides of the pool ledges at the same time hoping to "bump into someone" on the way down!

Afterward, we took a leisurely ride down the river in the canoes... I remember steep ledges on both sides of the waterway, which I believe was fairly narrow. Every now and then we would stop and climb the rocky embankment and jump in.

Anyone know where this is? I assume it is in NH or perhaps western Maine. My memory is a bit spotty so I cannot remember much more detail pertaining to this actual place - we took many canoe trips so I've got a ton of images and memories that got a bit lumped together.