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Thread: CAT 100 Highest Completed

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    CAT 100 Highest Completed

    Had a great but short trip to an area I havenít visited since completing the CAT 3000 footers in 1995. It seems like just last year I was there!

    I chose Red Hill for my final peak, approached the posted private and gated old entrance. Alan had told me about the new DEC trail that's on the Coon / Dinch Road trail head from the other side of the mountain. What a nicely groomed summit area complete with picnic tables! The tower cab was locked, but I got good views from just below.

    Just a thought .... I've read posts about a possible patch for the Catskills 100 highest. I hope it has Catskill 100 on it (and not 102). The original thought was to have a 100 highest list. Two extra peaks tie for top spot (100) because of similar contours, but it shouldnít change the design idea process.
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    Congrats Dennis, and I thought you were done with just about everything that was possible to hike

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    Quote Originally Posted by Motabobo
    Congrats Dennis, and I thought you were done with just about everything that was possible to hike
    He was done, until we made the list longer!
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