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Thread: New Attitude About a Different Latitude: Mt. Roberts (20-Sep-2008)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cymbidium View Post
    How did you find out about the ring dike? Is there a book on the formation of the Ossipees?
    You can read about the geology of the Ossipees in this thread from another site, in particular the 4th post (by me). It is discussed in the "Roadside Geology" volume for New Hampshire, but that is somewhat dated and I found more current information and theorizing on the Web.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cymbidium View Post
    I have been reading Rocket's and Rick B's recent trip reports about Mount Roberts and came across yours dated 20 Sept '08. How did you find out about the ring dike? Is there a book on the formation of the Ossipees? I am new to Views. Roberts is definately on my list for this coming Saturday.
    Thanks for this great report and super photos!!
    I can tell you what it was for me. First comes Monadnock. We all know more or less how nice a mountain that is. Then somewhere along the line you hear that the word is a Native American name that means (approximately) "Mountain that stands alone" and you say (like Spock) "Interesting". Then perhaps you notice a topo map - like this one: Monadnock Map, and you say "That's really interesting. Look at those contours: they practically go around in circles (yeah, I know, except for the NE ridge). That thing really does stand alone". Then you read somewhere that it's called a "dike", a volcanic intrusion which made it's way up though softer surrounding material and then hardened. Eons later, the surrounding ground erodes and presto! a Monadnock is formed. So you say, "cool".

    Then sometime later you see a topo map of the Ossipeess, like this: Ossipees Map and you say "Wow!" look at those contours. That looks like a huge dike with a hole in the middle. I bet that's called a ring dike". And that's just what it's called.

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