Trail Conditions: Relatively dry.

Special Equipment Required: No

Comments: Never been up this way before. It said strenuous, but well, not too bad. I must be in good shape still. 1.5 hours to the summit, quick and easy I'd say. About 6 cars at the trailhead in the am, overnighters. Returning maybe 30-40? The peepers were out today in a huge way. Not bad returning on Rt9, back to the Pioneer Valley. Lots of nice people I met up top sharing the great day.

In Adams, I highly recommend Angelinas sub shop. The daily special was $3.99 for foot long turkey. Yes, I finished it. I have a problem and its a good one. They have several locations in the Berkshires, all offering great bargin eats. Subway is crummy in comparison. I guess I should join a food critics forum.