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Thread: Route 113 - how far south is the winter closure?

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    Route 113 - how far south is the winter closure?

    At some point this winter, Route 113 in Maine will close. I know they put a gate across the road about a half mile south of Route 2, but does anyone know how much of the road you can drive by approaching from the south? It's a long road that goes all the way to Fryeburg, and then some, so I have to imagine that it's open at some point!

    The Evans Notch area is full of good day hikes, but a lot of them become overnight trips in the winter. I'm just curious how much day hiking I can do by parking on the south side of the closure.

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    From the south Rt 113 is gated just north of the entrance to Basin Pond CG.
    I agree with Ranxerox !!!!


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