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Thread: Vt info: Rice-Adams, Corporation-Round, N/S Blue Ridges?

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    Vt info: Rice-Adams, Corporation-Round, N/S Blue Ridges?

    Hoping to get out on one of these jaunts this Friday.

    Do any of the Vermont hikers have information on any of these 3 hikes?
    Good routes, woods roads or trails, avoiding private property?

    Thanks ahead of time.


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    Corporation has wind tower proposed so it may get new road for test tower, road on map is mostly overgrown

    Blue Ridge is in Day Hikers Guide

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    corporation,round and E Round can be done from corporation rd.Adams ,Rice can be done from the Alpine village area in Warren. The only time I ever met someone in the woods bushwacking was on Rice.Deer hunters early Nov.They go there every yr so it's a popular hunting area,be prepared.
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    Blue Ridge Mtn - take the Canty Trail up. Beautiful peak. Easy hike. Great woods. Topo of the route.
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    In my experience, there really isn't any advice needed on these peaks. Pick a road that comes close to the base of the peak and just start "whalking". Vermont is bushwhackers' paradise... if you come to anything that remotely resembles "thick" then you're doing something terribly wrong.

    Feel free to email me if you need more specific advice on any VT 3k peak, but in my experience, half of the fun is figuring it out on your own with just a map, compass, and a good head on your shoulders.

    FYI - Marchowes and Pamola almost got shot by some yahoo with a semi-automatic in the col between the Blue Ridge peaks. Bring a spare pencil if you're heading to North Blue Ridge.

    Corporation and the Rounds might be more fun as a traverse - I did them as two hikes early this past spring. Perkins Brook Road (unmarked - off Corp Rd. - see will lead to some nice logging roads on the north, and Knights Hill Road is a good place to start from the south. All the peaks that you mentioned are just as easily accessed in winter, too. Enjoy.
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