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Thread: Insulated Mitts

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    have also had good success with the BD Mercury mitts. They served me well on Mt. Washington in Jan. '07 and an aborted Presi Traverse in Feb '07. I also concur with the other reply to bring both gloves and mitts, and I'd raise a pair of insulated liners.

    My hands -- and the rest of me, for that matter -- sweat A LOT when I'm on the move. For the Rockpile trip, I wore only thin polypro glove liners on the hike up the Tucks Ravine trail, since we were humping heavy winter packs and I was gripping trekking poles. I kept a pair of mitts/gloves attached to my wrists with idiot cords to pop my hands into during stops. I used the Mercury mitts and insulated gloves (older BD's with removable liners) on alternating days so as not to sweat out the liners too much. Once we got above treeline into the wind, and were moving more slowly without the big packs, I wore the insulated handgear whilst moving.

    Haven't used the Mercury's with ropes yet, but they have the advantage of a separate trigger finger, so they might work a bit better than the Alti's.

    Regarding cost, I was able to find my Mercury's online (new) for $50, so it pays to shop around. IMO, nobody should be paying full-boat retail for outdoor gear when there are so many places with discounts/sales going on.
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    So after all of the comments, I grudgingly decided to take the advice of many folks and go for the OR Alti mitts. I have large hands, but with a thin pair of polypro liners and the shag wool mittens as an additional insulating layer, I really had to struggle to get my hands into a Large pair, so I went Extra Large.

    I have to say, they are stunningly warm! They also have quite long snow guards that extend far below the gloves and are wide enough to fit over all my layers and big down jacket I wear over them when I stop, which is a very nice feature. The upshot, of course, is that these things are huge. Very bulky, although they are still quite light.

    I would say that for most folks, if you're hiking in the Whites, they are almost certainly more glove than you need. Gloves half the price can probably do the trick perfectly fine. I've found myself hiking with a pair of shells I bought at EMS, and then putting on the Alti's for rest stops and summits in the wind, with them being too warm to do almost any activity in them. But if you consistently have cold hands, or you're planning to do some climbing at altitude, or heck, you have the coin, you'll be very happy with the Alti's.

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