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    Exclamation BSP Rangers

    I have never seen a picture of a BSP ranger.Do they allow pictures to be taken?If you took one would they seize the camera or smash it on the ground?Inquiring Robots want to know!!!!

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    I can tell you from personal observation that some of them BSP rangers are among God's finest creations ... others, well, what do expect of guys?

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    Nice avatar, Robohiker!
    "Standing waist high in snow
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    Its extremely rare to ever see a full time Baxter ranger, there are very few full timers and they usually arent around where the public is. If you go in the winter, most of the staff you run into are full timers.

    The majority of the folks you meet in the park are seasonal employees. It takes years to go full time and bascially one of the few full timers has to retire.

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