In preparation for another trip into The Presidentials with my fiance this weekend and after reading the thread on "things we do to get our wives, girlfriends, etc... to allow/put up with our hiking," I am curious about another question:

What sort of extra efforts do yall (please forgive the native Texan speak) put in when bringing your wife/girlfriend/etc along for the hike?

Are there any extra efforts lady hikers have to take when bringing there husbands/boyfriends/etc along?

A partial list of mine:

1. Every trip out is like a training trip for Denali - she carries no pack so I get twice the weight (or maybe three times the weight given her tendancy to over pack )

2. Must be an expert on any trail - requires extra preparation for every possible question that may be asked along the way.

3. Early to Rise/Last to Sleep - Don't wake her up until the breakfast is ready and the coffee is prepared. NO EXCEPTIONS!

All in good fun. I wouldn't have it any other way. Just curious what other people who don't have gung-ho hiking partners have to do.