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  • I am unemployed. I got canned because I surfed the Internet for 8 hours per day.

    2 4.17%
  • I work alone. Thereís no one here to catch me misusing company time.

    13 27.08%
  • Iím a stay at home Mom/Dad. The kid doesnít suspect a thing.

    3 6.25%
  • I enjoy VFTT in plain sight. Let Ďem fire me- Iíll be able to go on a long hike.

    16 33.33%
  • I hide my VFTT in a discreet location on my computer.

    14 29.17%
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Thread: Obstructed Views from the Top

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    Obstructed Views from the Top

    We all love reading posts on VFTT, but sometimes it gets in the way of all the pesky work we get paid to do. How do you deal with a suspicious boss or nosy co-workers who hang around your office or want to access your computer? Do you worry that they might catch on to your VFTT habit?
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    Senior Member MadRiver's Avatar
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    I’m fairly discreet in my viewing of VFTT and RoT threads without worrying too much. It is the occasional naughty photo that someone sends me that I have to be extra careful while viewing at work, unless it is sent by my boss.
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    Senior Member gaiagirl's Avatar
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    No, I don't worry about it at all. They're too busy watching clips of Jon Stewart and playing computer solitaire to notice .

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    Hey,I'm the boss and I'm lookin' at VFTT.
    Whatcha wanna say about it?

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    I'm the boss.

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    I'm the boss too.
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    Senior Member Jason Berard's Avatar
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    self from problem!

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    Senior Member Stan's Avatar
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    I'm retired and spend far less time at a desk so far less time surfing, more time hiking.

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    Senior Member adktyler's Avatar
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    Shouldn't there be an option for "don't check it at work because I have integrity" ?

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    I beg your pardon, I'm Doctor VftT to you.
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    I'm not the boss but I have my own office. I only go on VFTT sparingly; or on any other website for that matter. Because I work in the I.T. profession it is quite easy to jump out of a program for a minute or two and do a quick read or post on VFTT then jump right back into my Visual Studio (or whatever else I'm using) and get back to coding.

    Bottom line, I tend to be anti-social and avoid going on breaks or lunch with co-workers. Therefore, I don't see what I am doing as anything worse than a certain co-worker of mine who spends 99% of her day socializing in the hall.
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    Senior Member BlackBuffalo's Avatar
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    I'm IT, I must have access to information at a moments notice.

    Actually, I do see managements point of view, but when there isn't any work to do, it just takes the place of solitaire.
    Though, a little internet viewing bearly makes up for the fact that not too many people get fringe benefits on the job.

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    Senior Member McRat's Avatar
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    Without the distractions, I couldn't focus.

    Call it ADD, but it works for me.

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    Senior Member pedxing's Avatar
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    Most of my time is my own. I consult and bill by the hour, I teach some college courses and am either in class or preparing on my own schedule. My third job - and I am there now - is one where I deal with emergencies and when there is nothing to do, I can surf openly. The flip side, is things can get so frantic I can work a whole shift without a chance to catch my breath.
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    Thumbs up

    I don't get too concerned about the boss....since I am "the man"
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