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Thread: Olderbark mtn. (Catskill Hundred Highest )

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    Olderbark mtn. (Catskill Hundred Highest )

    Jay ,Maddy and Myself started this hike from the end of Mink Hollow rd. just outside of Woodstock.I had been in this area to start hikes for Sugarloaf and Plateau mts. many times ,but never Olderbark 3440' just under the Catskill 3500 requirement.We followed the ridge northwest which was gradual at first and then at about 2600' became quite steep. At that point we decided to wear 10 point crampons.Just before this area we came upon a large group of Wild Turkeys. They did not seemed afraid of us because we encountered them further up the mountain again.The side of Olderbark was quite beautiful with interesting rock formations just about at the line of Conifers that line the rim of the mountain.There were some deep drifts along this route ,but for the most part the snow was about 5 to 6 inches of powder with some hard pack underneath up high.The 3 of us were commenting what a beautiful mountain it was and how it probably sees very few hikers. We did enjoy some nice views along the rim of the mountain.The top is quite flat so we looked for the highest point and had some lunch. We reversed course and headed back down the same way we went up.Maddy and I said that we would love to go back again soon.
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    Climbing Olderbark in summer has its challenges.

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