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Thread: You bring cake, I'll bring steak! 2-22-09

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    You bring cake, I'll bring steak! 2-22-09

    Just kidding! Although you all know I would love to get a good bonfire going on top and cook up some decent steak! Guess we’ll have to save that for a more suitable time and location!

    The Plan!

    For a couple of years now I have been planning to celebrate my 48th birthday in style with my friends and family by finishing the NH48 on Cannon. Those unable to hike can take the tram, those wishing to ski down or swiss-bob as I did last year, go ahead. It’s a blast and will peak your adrenaline!

    The Date!

    Sunday February 22nd,2009 with no rain or snow date planned. I will hike in either and dress accordingly but will dance for blue skies. Just kidding again, can’t dance but would conjure up a good Irish jig if I could and it would help!

    The Time!

    8am plus or minus a few. This should allow for anyone that hikes slow or takes ample time to enjoy the path to get down by dark or not if they like. You are welcome to start earlier or later if you wish.

    The Trail!

    Choose whatever you like! I will go up by Lonesome Lake and down by Kinsman Ridge unless the weather is poor enough to demand going back down by Lonesome Lake. May take time for North East Cannonball but not a priority.

    The Goal!

    To have a great time with great people and enjoy the path! My journey has allowed me to become acquainted with many diverse and wonderful people for which I am forever thankful! I just wish to extend an invitation to all of you to enjoy the close of this small chapter and that also includes those who wish to cross paths. Thanks especially to those who helped me realize so much fun on this journey and hope to see you there!

    PS – Please don’t all bring cake because bears tend to roll down hill if they get going too fast!!!
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