Date of Hike: January 10, 2009

Trail Conditions: Icy, Hard Packed Crunchy Snow; But not very deep snow. Especially icy near rocks, ledges.

12F @ 7am; ~20F by 11am; No precipitation yet, but expecting 4-6" snow today!

Special Equipment Required: Minor Traction devices (Microspikes or Stabilizers) would have been VERY helpful today. Unfortunately I left them home thinking there wouldn't be much snow - so I barebooted on the ice rink; trekking poles were essential without traction devices.

Comments: Unfortunately the cold temps froze the snow into hardpack making the whole day a challenge, particularly descents. Finally quit early on my 30 miler after I snapped a trekking pole crossing a brook @ 12miles;
A fun day hike nevertheless.