Trail Description:
All the way from 7 Dwarfs to the North Twin summit, the snowshoe track was in perfect condition, thanks to all those trail-breakers who preceded us over the past few days.

After leaving the 7 Dwarfs, we walked a short segment of the snowmobile trail to hook-up with the trail that follows the old railroad bed, which we followed to the North Twin trailhead. We then proceeded up the North Twin Trail. There were no tracks leading across the Little River at the 1st crossing. So, we opted to skip the first 2 crossings by taking the bootleg trail along the east bank of the Little River and proceeding directly to the 3rd crossing point. The 3rd crossing of the Little River was a solid ice-bridge. So, no problems there!

There were some blowdowns over the course of our journey, but all of them were easily negotiated by going over or under them.

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