The message below is posted at the request of the trailhead landowner. Remember when parking there or elsewhere to leave plenty of room for wide vehicles to pass - there is no telling when a fire truck might need to get by.


Hello, I wonder whether I could talk with you about the Hammond Trail on Mt Chocorua. My family has owned the land where the trail begins for well over 100 years. We are very happy that so many people choose that trail, as it is a very good trail. Not the most scenic, but a really good hike, including good views from Bald Mountain about half way up.

About the small parking lot at the trailhead: that parking lot can hold at least five cars, I'd say, give or take. That parking lot is on our land. Perhaps one reason why the trail is so popular is that there is no parking fee, and that is, simply, because the trailhead is located on our land, which is, of course, private.

During the weekends in the summer, sometimes there are so many cars parked on the road leading to our home that it can be difficult for us to pass. We understand that people do not want to be parked into the parking lot, but we do ask that when they park on the side of the road, that they leave enough room for cars to pass by on the way to or from the house, which is at the end of the road.