Had hoped we would find some supportive crust today, but knew it was unlikely given the forecast and 36 temp at Upper Works. There was no crust - just wet, heavy snow. Started from UW and headed to the northern tip of Henderson Lake. Just past the junction with the trail to Duck Hole and over the bridge, we headed off trail into the woods and up the south ridge/South Buttress to MacNaughton. Broke trail in the wet, heavy snow the whole way to the top, ranged from several inches to 1.5 feet. There were areas were it was really close in, mostly towards the top, but overall there were no really long stretches of close stuff. Many ups and downs along the way, and lots of heavy snow on the snowshoes, and then finally the South Lookout and then the MacNaughton sign. Happy to see that! Views over to the Santanoniís, Sewards, Sawtooth Mtns, Street/Nye and Whiteface. The clouds had come back in and we knew rain was forecast for later on, so we didnít stay long. Light rain/drizzle the last couple of hours. Wore snowshoes all day.