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Thread: Map of trails around Little River

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    Map of trails around Little River

    I put together this map of some of the trails, bushwhacks, snowmobile trails, and abandoned trails around Little River. This includes Haystack Rd, North Twin summer trailhead, Seven Dwarfs Motel, the old North Twin Trail, the former Firewardens trail to Hale, Peak Above the Nubble. This is based on personal experience, third party sources, and some guess work. I welcome and comments, suggestions, and corrections. Note that you need to zoom in to see the deatil around Seven Dwarfs.

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    Very nice -- this is quite helpful.

    Thanks for doing this!

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    I thought that bushwhack along the river through an open maple forest looked like an old path. Very nice map Andy.

    I put together a "Franz-type" map
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