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Thread: Two hikers hurt sliding on ice in NH ravines

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    Two hikers hurt sliding on ice in NH ravines

    Hiker's slide on ice

    This happened the day after my friend and I went up Central Gully in Huntington Ravine. We turned around at the ice bulge due to lack of proper equipment. This fella came off and started sliding right where we turned around.

    Another ice climbing team got this picture of the rescue at the bottom.

    That area is a great alpine climb, but I would not want to be caught in a slide down that section. It ends in some big rocks above the ravine floor.
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    Although there was another thread on this it was apparently deleted so I'm adding the news report here.
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    A couple views near the bulge, last year 4-6-08.
    Looks like we had more snow.

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    Anyone know who was injured?
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    An acquaintance of mine was in Huntington Ravine and witnessed one of the individuals falling. Apparently, the person fell head over heel, some 1,000 feet. The guy fell quite a distance, caught himself, then fell again. The guy I know could have sworn the person was a goner but ended up helping to move the injured climber to the snowcat.
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