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Thread: Bigelows in Spring?

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    Bigelows in Spring? "crossable" is the Straton Brook inlet to hike up the Firewarden's trail to the Bigelows?

    We love this loop...and are DYING to get up there. I'm just concerned I'll get washed away trying to cross the brook. I figured hubby could just carry me over...but he wasn't so keen on this idea
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    Quote Originally Posted by Imzadi View Post "crossable" is the Straton Brook inlet to hike up the Firewarden's trail to the Bigelows?
    I was up there a couple of Novembers ago and there were 2 major barriers to us getting across that river - the second of which was the river itself which we forded at some ridiculous hour in the morning like 1:30 AM while it was raging, thigh-deep (I'm 5'11) and ice cold. Thankfully someone had cut some huge trees down and placed them across in time for our return trip.

    The first major obstacle for that trip was the condition of the road. See this video here at :20 to :30 for a small taste of how awfully rutted out and full of water it was.
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