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Thread: April 6th 2009 marks 100 year anniversary of Peary's attainment of the North Pole...

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    April 6th 2009 marks 100 year anniversary of Peary's attainment of the North Pole...

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    With a little help from the good doggies from the Chinook Kennels!

    (and of course Arthur Walden, Norman Vaughn et all...)

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    Just a little sidebar on Admiral Peary.
    He had a home on Eagle Island in Casco Bay for many years,and kept his dogs on nearby Upper Flag Island. He kept a megaphone on the front porch of his house,and could occasionally be heard yelling at the dogs to shut up when they got too noisy. The megaphone sits there still. The house is fascinating inside,and has extensive grounds.
    The house is now a museum,open seasonally,and there is a ferry service available,or,you can kayak to it from Potts Harbor fairly easily.

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    I learned about Eagle Island a few months ago while spending an enjoyable and informative couple of hours at the Peary North Pole Museum, which occupies half of the ground floor of a big old science building on the campus of Bowdoin College in Brunswick, ME. That's probably a 15-minute drive from where you would get the ferry (or paddle) to Eagle Island, so that would be an excellent two-fer on a nice day, for anyone with an interest in one of our greatest explorers.

    Peary was a fervent Polar Bear and left all his good stuff to that Museum.

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