Date of Hike:4/5/09

Trail Conditions: Down low it was spring hiking, lots of wet spots, little snow. Above the junction with Tom Wiggins Trail there is still snow. A few blow downs but nothing that caused any problem. The larger stream crossing was quite doable but care is required. Above the stream crossing and to the junction with the Rollins trail it was slushy, bare spots, a monorail and everything in between. From the Rollins trail to the summit we had winter conditions, trail was iced up and solid. What a difference form hiking low in shirt sleeves to hat, mittens and warm jackets on top.

Special Equipment Required: Stabilicers at the very least, microspikes seemed to be a little more useful. We got away without snowshoes but the upper sections before Rollins will need tham if it's any warmer and the snow continues to soften.

Comments: another great hiking day!

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