Trail: Tuckerman Ravine Trail to Lion Head Trail (winter route)

Date: Sat 5/2/09

Conditions: Extremely busy day on TRT as expected. Dry and snowfree at the start, then progressively more mud and soft snow to the start of the Lion Head Trail. Lion Head has monorail still 2+ feet deep that was soft enough to bare boot (in both directions). The steep rock pitch is free of snow but had significant runoff coming down it. Then monorail continues to treeline where it turns to rock/mud. We only went to intersection of Tuckerman Ravine Trail above the ravine so not sure what the last mile to the summit is like.

Equipment: Poles. Waterproof boots. Carried crampons but didn't use them. Snowshoes would be of little use except if you like them for traction of the monorail.

Name: Paul Shaw