Started off with the intentions of doing Tabletop and Phelps but got started too late and the Tabletop trail took too long and left me not wanting to rush Phelps. Trail from Loj through the dam and up to the Phelps trail was in pretty good condition; wet with runoff and from some rain earlier but no snow. From about .25 miles up, past the second river crossing, snow spines started to show up. I stopped at Indian Falls and didn't get a good view because the stream level was too high to just walk across and I didn't wanna cross over the fallen tree just for a picture of the falls. From the Tabletop trail up to the summit was very slow going do to rotting snow spines being eroded away by the stream of water underneath. Microspikes helped with traction on the spines but didn't help when they collapsed beneath you. Took close to 2 hours to go up and down the .6 mile Tabletop trail. I would recommend waiting another week or two to let the spines rot away and it should be much easier. As far as equipment, nothing needed for the trail up to Phelps and nothing a must for the rest of it, but spikes and poles would be recommended until the spines are gone. Only 3 blowdowns on the main trail between Phelps and Tabletop; all easy to pass.