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Thread: Hermit completes Catskill Hundred Highest 5-9-2009

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    Hermit completes Catskill Hundred Highest 5-9-2009

    What a bunch of fun hiking with Maddy and Ralph on the last leg of Ralph's Catskill100 peaks this winter and spring. Although Maddy couldn't make 101 and 102, she had chilled champagne, soda, snacks and eggplant parm waiting for us at their home. Thank you Maddy !
    The weather gods smiled on Ralph for the hike - foggy and cool for the ascent, sun popping out on top, and some of the most open and inviting woods anywhere on the CHH list. With this crew, you'd expect a lot of talk, laughing and jokes and we yakked our way up Hodge Pond and all the way to Mongaup.
    The Mongaup ridge was open and carpeted with Trout Lillies and all day we had to be careful not to trample the purple and painted trillium.
    We hiked in the backyard of Ralph Bressler, Catskill Hiker. He is an expert on the area. With the maze of trails and woods roads, he saved us from a lot of extra twists and turns with good humor all day.

    And Ralph, a big congratulations on the finish and thanks for all the fun along the way.

    Photos here:
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    It is always a pleasure to hike with you Ralph, but yesterday's hike was especially enjoyable. My superstitious spirit is convinced that because we didn't talk about the weather (most of the time), we were blessed with a beautiful day. The afternoon sun, of course, was a mixed blessing because it encouraged those pesky black flies to crave our company ! I loved the route Catskill Hiker and Peakbagr chose. I want to go back with Dick to enjoy some of those views and the ponds on a clearer day. Any excuse, right!
    Here is my contribution to the photo pool.
    Many thanks to Maddy and Ralph for hosting an after-hike party, complete with champagne, hors d'oeuvres, dinner, and dessert. The rain arrived just as we finished dinner - what great timing!!!!!

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    Thanks so much! It as always was a pleasure hiking with you folks again,and thanks for being there for the completion.
    "You are never really alone in the mountains. Something is there , and you will find it in yourself"
    Ralph Ryndak

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    Congratulations Ralph!! It was a pleasure to join you on your finish.

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    Way to go Ralph!
    Tom Rankin
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