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Date: 4-14 through 4-16

Trail Conditions: Wilderness Trail: clear, Osseo Trail, lots of snow, snowshoes valid. Liberty Springs, little snow and ice. Franconia Ridge, lots of snow below trees, clear above treeline. Garfield Ridge, deep snow and defined rail. Tough going without snowshoes. Twinway, snowshoes essential. Bondcliff Trail, snowshoes essential from Guyot to Bond. Bond, through Bondcliff, little or no snow. No traction or flotation needed.

Overall, few blowdowns. Lots of defined rail. Snowshoes were a psych boost for solo hiker, but I only wore them 2 of 32 miles. Some people didn't have them, and wish they had. No easy solution - 500 feet of rock, 500 feet of snow (except Twinway). Snow depth at worst was 4 feet deep. No crampons needed. Small "technical" or running snowshoes would be a good choice. 2 weeks of warm, and snow should be gone - but maybe to reveal ice beneath?


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I posted the pics on Picasa for anyone's viewing.