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    Smile Tour du mont blanc

    Here is a brief summary of the Integral Tour of Mont Blanc trek we did, Annie and me.
    We left Montreal in the direction of Geneva Friday July 10 2009. We wanted to get there a little in advance, that we can recovered from the travel and jet lag which is 6 hours. After being well rested and have eaten well Saturday and Sunday in Chamonix, we are ready for our departure.
    Monday July 13, we go by bus, in Les Houches, which is about 8 km/5 miles from Chamonix. The trek had begins in the Chamonix valley in Les Houches and the Val Montjoie, Chapieux Valley and La ville de Glacier. We have entered in Italy via the Col de la Seigne, we skirted the Miage glacier, pass by Courmayeur, pass the Italian Val Ferret, at the foot of Les Grandes Jorasse. Then we crossed the Swiss via Val Ferret, La Fouly and Champex. We went through La fenêtre d'Arpette (2671m/8763 feet)to get to Trient. From there we went back to France via the Col de Balme, along balconies in the Chamonix Valley.
    We walked 155km/97miles in 10 days around Mont Blanc through several cols. Our route passed through France, Italy and Switzerland. We walked about 8 hours per day and the vertical ascent was between 800 and 1700m (2625 to 5578feet). Accommodation was in huts or hostels. Luggage, 7kg/15pounds per person max, were transported by mule. Our group consisted of 6 persons, our guide and Coco the mule. We took 1600 photos and we filled our head of the beautiful scenery we saw, of that beautiful adventure. During our trip we've had all seasons. We had a very nice weather during our trip. The temperature ranged between about 35C/95F and below freezing point. One day, we had a snowstorm, with an accumulation of 15-20cm/6-8 inches, with strong winds. We had rain, but only 15 minutes on two days.

    A great adventure that we lived.
    It was difficult to summarize our adventure in pictures.
    But here's a slideshow of 150 photos.

    Yvon Daigle ADK 46/46--NH48/48--NE67/67--NORTHEAST 111 115/115--52/52 With A View

    Les randonnées de Annie et Yvon (Website)

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    Yvon, those are gorgeous photos--looks like a great time.

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    Oh, wow, those photos are just amazing - what an incredible trip!

    That's going on the list...
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    oh, can't wait to check out the pics when i get home. i'm missing it out there. thanks for posting.

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    Wow, amazing pictures and looks like a great way to hike it..

    I so enjoyed it there last month, it was an amazing area to hike and the scenery...

    I took equally as many's so hard to narrow them down...

    Thanks for sharing..can't wait to go back and I just left!!
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    Terrific set of pictures! I was just thinking "they had great weather" when I got to the snowstorm pictures. Loved the pic of the ibex on the rock.

    Brought back some nice memories -- we did the TMB for our honeymoon. Glad you had a great trek!

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    Looks like you had outstanding weather, except for the snowstorm of course. A few friends and I made an attempt at this 100-mile loop two years ago, but the weather was horrendous and we were forced to drop out after six straight days of downpours.

    One of the greatest hiking loops of the world for sure!

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    Europeans have the market cornered on some seriously plush hiking!

    Thanks for sharing, Yvon! Your pictures are amazing -- I'm so happy for you and Annie!
    ADK 46'r NE115'r NEHH NH 48 x 6 NH48W NH 331/576
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    Wow -- stunning. Simply amazing. Time to start saving up, I wanna go.
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