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  • Year round. Doesn't matter. I'm there.

    88 69.84%
  • Only when it's warm.

    2 1.59%
  • Mostly warm stuff but you might get me out on a nice winter day.

    16 12.70%
  • Mostly winter but I'll spend a few summer days out there.

    18 14.29%
  • Winter only - the colder and snowier the better.

    2 1.59%
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Thread: Hiker Type - Summer/Winter/Year-Round?

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    Senior Member Little Rickie's Avatar
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    Rochester, New York
    I hike when I can and it's not enough.

    "How one parses a question tells you as much about the person as how they answer the question."

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    If there had been a "fall" choice, I would have picked it. I love hiking on cool fall days. No bugs, more scenic. I also hike in summer, but rarely in spring. (slush season!)

    Don't hike in winter, but do lots of nordic skiing, so I consider that my winter hiking.

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    Senior Member Tom Rankin's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by hikes-with-him View Post
    Year round...maybe 'cuz I'm much to do, so little time!!

    I figure, each has it's own beauty:


    1. No bugs
    2. Les "touristy" hikers
    3. Beauty of the views in the winter
    4. Beauty of the land when it's so pristine
    5. I can layer...but, can only take off so much
    6. HIGHER FAT FOODS is a must to keep warm (YEA FOR HIKING IN THE WINTER!)
    7. Crampons make me feel like a SUPER woman!
    8. No fear of Thunder and lightenting (scare the crap out of me above treeline)
    9. No fear of bears...(yup...I'm scared of these too)
    10. Food won't melt

    Rest of the year:

    1. Longer light
    2. Can actually stop moving to eat/enjoy the views
    3. Fun scrambling without fear of impaling hubby
    4. Easier to get to most trailheads
    5. Flowers, flora, fawna (oh...except bears!)
    6. Lighter packing requirements
    7. Food won't freeze...and neither will the water

    I'm sure the list for both goes on and on...but this is what I come up with quickly.
    A couple of comments, for Winter:

    Bears are still out but less frequently
    Lightning can still occur but less frequently

    For non-Winter

    7 - We try to bring food that is not susceptible to freezing (or at least is easily melted in the mouth), like corn chips, Nutrigrain bars, M&Ms, etc. A snickers bar on the other hand would take forever to melt on some days!

    For water, boil some of it first and keep it in a cozy or a good thermos. Have other water at cooler temps and drink it first. This works for most hikes. I recently bought a pocket-rocket for heating stuff as well.
    Tom Rankin
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    Senior Member BobC's Avatar
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    Newmarket, NH
    I didn't vote because you didn't include fall as a choice! September and October are my favorite months to hike. I do it year-round anyway, but I just think the weather in those months is the best.

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    Senior Member Trainwreck's Avatar
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    canton MA
    Ditto. Fall is by far the best season for me. I love the way the air smells, the beautiful colors of the trees, watching chipmunks scurring about gathering food to store.
    That said, I hike any season, except mud/thaw/black fly season.
    In winter, the only real hiking I do are to cliffs to ice climb. Some are a good walk. BTW: I love frozen snickers bars.
    "If its not fun, why do it?"- Ben and Jerry

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    Senior Member Stash's Avatar
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    Westbrook, ME
    I take total responsibility for the absense of a "fall" option. It was wrong of me and I will try to be more observant of others' needs in the future...

    What matters is what I do. Not what they do.

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    Senior Member RoySwkr's Avatar
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    I also didn't vote because my preference is fall although I hike year round.

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    Apple Valley Ohio!
    I voted mostly Winter,but the few Summer days part doesn't fit. We might sneak out in October,November as a warm up hike,but,Summer,no way! That's sailing weather!

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    Senior Member Little Rickie's Avatar
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    Rochester, New York
    Early spring just as the leaves start to pop out is nice too. I could just lay down and take a nap sometimes.

    "How one parses a question tells you as much about the person as how they answer the question."

    Oldee Won Balogeena

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    I mostly climb and cycle in the summer. Riding is the only thing I can do in truly oppressive heat & humidity. I do however prefer the cold snowy weather

    For non-snowy hikes, I've done three (I think).

    As for half & half, me and four friends did Washington late last fall, went from pouring rain (PNVC), to sleet (just past the slabs in Huntington), to winter conditions with a snow storm by the time we hit the auto road.

    As for snowy hikes I've done six, with two of those being overnights.
    One was the coldest, worst nights sleep I've ever had.
    The other night I slept great. I went to bed and there was not another soul to be seen or heard. The wind was light and it was DEAD silent. If I didn't make noise, there wasn't any. That feeling of peace & solitude in a place as this was amazing.

    I can't wait for this winter!!
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    Senior Member sierra's Avatar
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    New hampshire
    I hike every week, if it wasnt for mountain climbing, I would have no life at all. Wait a minute there!!! Im not complaining, I love it, free to roam is the way I like it, my life is good.

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    Senior Member Neil's Avatar
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    I avoid hiking when it's cold out, or too hot. I stay away during bug season and never go to the mountains when the trails are muddy. Also, I avoid hiking when there are no views or if it's raining. Sunday is a bad day and I avoid it because I have to work the next day and I don't want to be tired. Furthermore, during autumn the beautiful falls colors attract large crowds so I stay home and do chores. Right after that it gets icy so that lets that out.

    So, I get out 2 days a year but I voted for the first option anyway.

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    Senior Member paul ron's Avatar
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    Late Fall to early Spring, prefer winter n snow best of all.

    Once the bugggzzz n tourists hit the mountains, I'm biking n kayaking till they leave.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Rankin View Post
    For water, boil some of it first and keep it in a cozy or a good thermos. Have other water at cooler temps and drink it first.
    Great idea!! I don't know why I hadn't thought of this. But thanks for putting it out there. I'll definately give this a whirl this winter. We tried resting our Nalgenes upside down so that when you flip them over the ice that formed on top ends up on the bottom. It worked somewhat, but the mouth of the bottle still gets all crusted with ice.

    I'm voting for year round. I haven't gotten too much winter hiking under my belt yet, but what I HAVE done has been great! I'm going to be trying some camping this winter season as well...that should be interesting!
    As far as rain goes I don't care to start out hiking in it, but if it pours while I'm out there it gives me a die hard super hiker kinda feelin'! It's greeat!
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    Senior Member Neil's Avatar
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    January: Beautiful wedding cake snow under bluebird skies.
    February: More of the same but the day's are getting longer.
    March: Warm spring hiking weather. Great crust for off-trail hiking.
    April: Even better crust for bushwhacking and really long days.
    May: No snow (often, not always), no bugs and no leaves. Off-trail paradise.
    June: Summer is here. Lighter packs, incredibly long daylight hours, water available on the trail.
    July: can hike for 2 weeks straight or more: vacation time!
    August: cooler weather, bugs are gone, some subtle color changes starting.
    September: fall colors, cool afternoons.
    October: leaf drop. Great conditions for Ob-Nav off-trail travel.
    November: raw weather, it's good to think about and see some snow.
    December: New gear for Christmas, you might get the Sewards to count for winter from the summer trailhead.

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