Trails Mt Shaw-Tate Mt Trail (Bandaid) - Banana Trail-Carriage Road-Turtleback Mt Trail-Bushwhack to Bald Knob and the BK trail

Distance-9 Miles, Elevation Gain 2,700'

Great day to be out, 70's little wind and no problems at all. Trails are in good shape with a few blowdowns here and there. We went over Big Ball, Black Snout, Shaw, Turtleback and Bald Knob with spectacular views from all peaks. We saw nobody all day until Bald Knob.

Leaving the Mount Shaw Trailhead off route 171 we quickly jogged right onto the Bandaid (Tate Mt Trail) which climbs somewhat steeply over loose rocks before levelling out and going up more moderately. This trail doesn't disappoint as you reach some ledges quickly and the views of the big lake are spectacular.

The summit is evident with a big open area and more great southerly views plus a nice view to Black Snout. From here we took the Banana trail which passes through open woods dropping to a col and then climbing steadily and then steeper to Black Snout. This peak at 2803 has very nice views southerly back to Big Ball and the lake beyond. The trees here look very wind-blasted.

The trail from here is the Carriage road although we took a few herd paths which are obviously also heavily travelled by moose. The trip from Black Snout to Mt Shaw at 2990' is really very easy. Shaw has a more northerly view with sweeping views back to Moosilauke and over to Mt Washington, the Carters and beyond. Shaw is one of my favorites.

The Carriage road from here to the Turtleback Mt Trail is very gentle and nice on the knees. We went down quite aways and really enjoyed the Turtleback Mt Trail also. The three of us made good time on this 1.7 mile section and came out to the beautiful open summit.

From here we decided to bushwhack straight to the open rocky Bald Knob. Taking a south bearing we ended up going too right and came out about 2 tenths of a mile from the top and had to go up the Carriage Rd to the summit. There is a strange bench up here where I guess they dropped off passengers. What a beautiful point though. We met an older couple who climbed up off trail over a steep section! Nice job!

1801' now and we would have to lose 1200' of vertical in a short time to reach our car. We met a few people on the steep drop down to the valley. A young couple carrying a 15 month old brought a smile to my face as I'd carried my 2-year old the day before on a hike. Great to get the kids out early!

Now we met lots of people climbing up this knob to get the great views. We came out at the bottom on a farm field and walked through the hay listening to the crickets and enjoying the sunshine. Great day to be out and the three of us enjoyed our time in the range.

The Mt Shaw trailhead was packed, lots of people heading up or coming down, great to see folks out enjoying these mountains. Not sure what all the hubbub is about really. I have two left to complete my Ossipee list! Sentinal and Canaan.

No pictures today, just a day to hike and enjoy