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Thread: Best restaurant for post-hike dinner in Whites

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    Best restaurant for post-hike dinner in Whites

    Just curious, what's your favorite dinner spot for after a nice workout of a hike near the Whites? Cheap ones preferred but all suggestions are great.

    We're in a rut and looking for new places beyond our usual, which include: G&H Pizza/Lincoln, Woodstock Inn, the Greek place in downtown Woodstock, Tilton Diner and Sal's in Concord.

    So sad that the Mooseland Grill is no more.....
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    In Woodstock there's also Truant's. A bit less $$ than the Woodstock Inn, but the food isn't quite as good either.

    Further north, there's Mr. Pizza in Gorham. Good prices, good service, and they don't mind if you're a bit rowdy and smelly.

    Some people like Moat Mtn in N. Conway, but ... that means you have to go thru the Conways. That's OK if you have no other choice, but...
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    The ice cream place in Waterville Valley is awesome... Giffords!

    oh, you mentioned dinner.. well. Ice cream for dinner!

    I liked Truants tavern when I was there last summer and ate out. I can't compare it to the Woodstock Inn as I've never been there but Truants was nice, they had a nice summer salad and it seemed to be less stuffy/fancy as Woodstock Inn (at least compariing exteriors)

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    Common Man (upstairs) in Ashland if time allows, Common Man Express at Ashland Gas Station if time doesn't...

    Half Baked and Fully Brewed in Lincoln; coffee and soup for the ride home.

    Munroe's in Twin Mountain, best breakfast north of the Notch...dinners on weekends.

    I'm usually driving home pretty late so don't tend to stop for sit down dinners, and am more partial to sit down breakfasts!

    I've always wanted to try the Spaghetti Shed in Bartlett.
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    I'll second Mr. Pizza in Gorham. Decent prices, good menu and tasty food. And Jazzbo had one huge Margarita for about 3 dollars- but wasn't driving...

    Always enjoy the burgers at the Woodstock Inn....

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    4,518 could I forget the poutine at Mr Pizza in Gorham?
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    Stop and check out the menu at the Beacon in Lincoln, below Indian Head, sometime. They occasionally have some awesome specials (lobster bake, etc) and always have excellent Prime Rib. The Prime Rib and fries on the kids menu is enough for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Rooney View Post
    Some people like Moat Mtn in N. Conway, but ... that means you have to go thru the Conways. That's OK if you have no other choice, but...
    Timing and knowledge of local roads will get you through the area with no problem. Drive like a local. I'm not a fan of the Moat, but I'm probably the only one...

    Other east side recommendations:

    Lobster Trap on West Side Road has the best seafood and Italian food in the MWV. If you're feeling Irish, May Kelly's and Delaney's are practically next door to each other; Friday night will get you music. Rafferty's is a nice little place, and the best place to go if you need gluten-free. Horsefeather's is fun, crowded, and loud. Red Parka has one of the last remaining salad bars in the known universe. Up Country doesn't have karaoke anymore, but they still have a very extensive menu; eat in the bar, not the dining room.

    If you're looking for pizza, Brandli's is the best in the valley. Elvio's is acceptable if you want to avoid the outlets.

    Gone but not forgotten: Fandangle's.
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    These are my favorites! From southwest, clockwise:

    The Common Man, Ashland
    The upstairs bar in winter is warm and cozy and full of climbers and skiers. Plop down on a couch with a bowl of hot soup and the challenge is to get up when it's time to leave. In the summer, go upstairs and out on the deck with a cold one. Free cheese and crackers while you wait.

    The Common Man Express, Ashland (Mobil Station just off I-93)
    This little gem serves up terrific cold and hot sandwiches. Take a menu so you can call ahead and pick it up ready to go.

    Mad River Roasters, Campton
    Just moments off I-93, this spot has my second-favorite coffee ever. Why go to DD's across the street when you can get real craft-roasted, expertly-brewed java? Okay, I confess, I've thrown some pre-hike favorites in here.

    Woodstock Inn / Station Brew Pub, Woodstock
    We all know this one. Their own brewery beer, good food, great big crowds if you don't get there early. Several different dining rooms as well as the big bar area. Be careful you don't find yourself in the fancy restaurant up front. It's good, but pricy and overkill for post-hike food.

    Truants Taverne, Woodstock
    When the Woodstock is too full, this place usually has a shorter line and equally good burgers. Mainstream beer, good if you don't care for the Woodstock's own brew, but more of a bar atmosphere, I feel.

    Peg's, Woodstock
    Okay, it's a breakfast place, not post-hike dinner, but they open ultra-early at 5am and have all the classic diner-style breakfasts for rock-bottom prices.

    White Mountain Bagel, Lincoln
    Also not a post-hike dinner place, but I really like the bagels and coffee. Yummy egg sandwiches and panini, too. Open at 6:30am for the early starter.

    Half-Baked & Fully Brewed, Lincoln
    Hot coffee or cocoa are tasty, and the soups are out of this world. Try the chicken enchilada soup after a cold winter hike or ski. They also have a huge assortment of ready-to-heat handmade frozen meals to bring back to your condo or camper.

    Munroe's, Twin Mountain
    A sit-down breakfast/lunch gem, they open for a reputably delicious dinner on Friday and Saturday nights.

    Mr. Pizza, Gorham
    A *lot* more than just pizza, with cold Tuckerman Ale on tap, this is a perennial favorite good for all.

    White Mountain Café, Gorham
    Another pre-hike breakfast favorite, with excellent grilled bagel sandwiches. Home of the iced coffee ice cube. Not necessarily expedient, but tasty.

    You better know where 'cuz I'm not telling
    We keep this one quiet because it's the best sit-down breakfast around. Weather turn bad or too hung over? This eclectic spot has the food for you. Shh. We don't want hourlong waits there!

    Moat Mountain Smokehouse and Brewing Company, N Conway
    Craft brewed beer and bbq, plus a full menu of everything else for your companions. Extremely family friendly - I always see lots of kids in there and one of the dining room TV's was on Sponge Bog last time I was there. I always stop there when I can.

    White Mountain Cider Company, Bartlett
    Okay, I confess I haven't been there yet, but look at the online menu and the reviews. This is a high-end place for sure, but it looks oh so incredibly good. I plan to try out the cider doughnuts today.

    Café Noche, Conway
    My favorite Mexican in New Hampshire. The chimichanga (basically a deep-friend burrito) goes down so nicely after a long hike, especially with a margarita chaser. The link is currently broken, but it's the big purple house on the east side of 16, can't miss it.

    Met Coffee House, N Conway
    One of the longest lines we've ever stood in, but they use Carrabassett Coffee, my #1 favorite, made up extremely well. The only place that has Carrabassett that does it better is the Orange Cat Cafe in Kingfield, ME, across from the roasters themselves.

    Yankee Smokehouse, Ossipee
    It's not my favorite, but it's decent BBQ, and it goes down nicely after a day of hiking.

    Outside NH:
    The Real BBQ Bob, Bethel, ME
    Best BBQ I've had in New England. It's the scary-looking orange trailer in the Good Food Store parking lot on the side of Rte 2, just west of Sunday River Road. Don't worry about the sauces, the meat is smoked to perfection as it is. Ribs and pulled pork, oh my, and the baked beans are loaded with as much meat as bean.

    Sunday River Brewing, Bethel, ME
    Good beer, decent food. A few years ago they reduced their menu to more of a pub list than a full family dinner selection, but it's still worth a stop if the weather's lousy or you just want a sit-down experience instead of BBQ Bob's.

    The Rack, Carrabassett, ME
    At the head of the Sugarloaf Access Road is meat and beer. Not a pub atmosphere, more of rustic dining. Can be a bit drafty in winter so bring your coat to the table. Food is very, very good and will warm you up for the drive home any time of year.

    Orange Cat Cafe, Kingfield, ME
    Some of the best fresh, healthy, sandwiches and soups we've ever had, plus that #1 Carrabassett Coffee. You must stop here. Closes midafternoon so get your hike done early or stop for breakfast on your way home.

    The Garlic, Killington, VT
    On the access road, open year-round, this spot lives up to its name. You can smell the garlic from the parking lot. Every meal starts with hot bread out of the oven with a full bulb of roasted garlic and a decanter of oil for your spreading and dipping pleasure. The lamb chops in garlic butter are a treat.

    Up for Breakfast, Manchester, VT
    Stop here for the best breakfast anywhere. Blueberry venison sausage with enormous pancakes? The lightest, fluffiest fresh egg omelets stuffed with cheeses and veggies without compare? You might wait for a seat in this tiny establishment, but it's worth every minute. You might have to digest a bit before you hike afterward.
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    Quote Originally Posted by una_dogger View Post could I forget the poutine at Mr Pizza in Gorham?
    I thought they BUILT Mr. Pizza for the purpose of post hike dining?

    I'll never forget the scruffy AT hiker sitting at the his hiking "kilt" one day. Seemed quite at home
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    Chalk up another vote for Mr. Pizza in Gorham.

    I also like Fresolones in Lincoln...good pizza, great sauce.

    The Common Man in Lincoln... everything on the menu is good and the portions are large. I love the meatloaf and potatoes.

    Way up in Pittsburg after hiking Magalloway, I like the Buck Rub Pub for their nachos and pizza.

    Sorry to be negative but I've been to Truants a few times and while I think the food is fine, they seem to have an attitude towards anyone who is not a regular. In all fairness though I didn't sit at a table but I ate at the bar and encountered some bartenders who couldn't be bothered with me since I was not one of the locals. The wait staff might be fine though.

    Back on the positive side, if you're hiking in the Jackson area the Scarecrow Pub is good. Year 'round fall theme atmosphere and good food at good prices. I had rigatoni w/ pepperoni and it was great.
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    I'll second Moat Mtn Brewery in N. Conway though I have not stopped there after a hike. I don't see the Mad River Tavern in Campton mentioned but it should be.

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    slightly out of the way unless you're hiking Waumbek / Cabot, but I like to stop at Grandma's Kitchen on Rt 3 in Whitefield.
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    Any of the Common Men are good.... I always feel kind of grubby and underdresssed till I sit down and see everyone else that's been hiking too. I never leave there hungry!

    --would rather be hiking than typing.

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    The restaurant at the Wentworth in Jackson is by far the best in the North Country.

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