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Thread: Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail, 10/10/09

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    Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail, 10/10/09

    Well, the weather report said it was supposed to clear during the day, so I figured I would hike up to Mt. Monroe for one last Presidential Range hike this year.

    I made it to Lakes of the Clouds Hut, just to have some kind of goal for the day, took shelter for a moment on the lee side, stuffed myself with most of the food I'd brought with me, and turned around. I suppose it was probably in the mid- to upper 30's F above treeline (later when I got to my car the thermometer at the trailhead said 40 F), windy and misty with very little visibility. I found out the hard way that my waterproof jacket is no longer completely waterproof. Very nasty weather.

    Hypothermia is a slippery slope, and I could tell I was getting a little too close for comfort w/ my balance not completely at full function. I do not wish to go any further down that slope in the future. Ammonoosuc Ravine is a treacherous trail in this weather: I had forgotten how exposed the upper section is, even below the hut, and the prevailing winds are from the west so if you are heading upslope the wind is at your back and you don't necessarily realize how bad it is until you turn around and it hits you right in the face.

    Later as I was heading down the trail in the sheltered section above Gem Pool, there were a number of students on the way up, with an assortment of gear types, some in no shape whatsoever to deal with cold misty fog. I wasn't the only one who warned them about the weather and I'm pretty sure I heard them say they were going to turn around at some point, it was just a question of when.

    I hope everyone up in the alpine zone today made it down safely. Driving back home, the weather cleared and I wonder if the late-arrivals to the trail had a better day than I did.

    pictures (these make it look more serene and peaceful than it actually was):

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