Date of Hike: 9/17-28/09

Trail Conditions: fairly dry with lots of leaves on ground up to c. 2600 feet. Above that, more and more snow on trail, from a dusting to several inches in col between Willey and Field. Ascent up Willey icy in places, bare in others.

Special Equipment Required: Ascended Willey and Field barebooting with single trekking pole. Not easy but not impossible. Put on microspikes for reascent of Willey from Field side and for descent, down to middle of ladders where ice tapered off. Both pole and traction essential or very nearly so. One hour of changing conditions cd make them essential!

Comments: Nice weekend! Clear Saturday, spent night at Ethan Pond, just icing over. Fall changed into winter at about 2600 feet, but not too cold (maybe down to 25 at night). Snow held off Sunday for my climbing and descending. Willey a little dicey without traction--I wd not have gone on w/out microspikes in my pack, and eventually put them on for greater safety margin.